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Maps! Denver’s tramway map has gone from this… Denver Tramway Corporation Map date unknown (Courtesy Denver Public Library) …to this. Platte Valley Trolley Map (Courtesy Due to the poor quality of the images, it is difficult to make out what is what. However, it should be noted that in the first map, the red […]


Making a Comeback? There is the possibility that streetcar service may be returning to Denver in the near future. Many proposals have been generated by private firms, and even the City of Denver seems to have joined that mix with development projections that include the reintroduction of trolley routes. For now, the most likely place […]

In History

One lifetime. Generations of memories.                             A timeline of streetcar service in Denver. 1871 – Horsedrawn streetcars begin service 1888 – Denver Tramway Company begins cable car service 1889 – Horsedrawn streetcars end service 1900 – Last cable car converted to electric […]

What is a streetcar?

As you may have guessed or may already know, it’s pretty easy to tell from their name where streetcars operate, on the street. They are generally powered by overhead electric cable lines and run on dedicated tracks similar to railroads. The cars themselves are of varied lengths depending on the number of axels they contain, […]