Denver’s tramway map has gone from this…

Denver Tramway Corporation Map date unknown (Courtesy Denver Public Library)

…to this.

Platte Valley Trolley Map (Courtesy

Due to the poor quality of the images, it is difficult to make out what is what. However, it should be noted that in the first map, the red lines define the shrinking rail map. The green lines signify the routes that had already been replaced by bus routes at the time of printing. In the second map, we can clearly see how the system has been reduced to one short section of track that now operates as an event shuttle service.

Here is a map of what the built out Fastracks system will look like. The entire expansion is scheduled to be complete by 2014. Although streetcar options were not included in the original plan, some of the existing system (D-Line between 18th & 30th) may be converted to use by streetcar.

Fastracks buildout (Courtesy RTD)

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